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fast-forward to here

whispering caresses
in blackbirdsong, sunsetpink
and smellofwet

now then, here -
life is too big a word


the haiku-

of just nothing of
a moment

this spring morning

and this one

and this one.

early spring

sunrise, a few clouds -
a beautiful spring morning
to look at the snow!

opening and closing

to unravel the kisses of life

one lover at a time

(a universe talented
at teasing)

friday evening

a lover
humming the beginning of a song
its words perfectly irremembered -

what a waste of a moment
to think about love.


fresh snow on pine trees
nothing but a late birdsong -
mid-winter calmness

part 2

rascal me
I was trying to write the shortest poem
only to wake up this morning
and find my heart smiling
realising no poem would be shorter
than when –eyes closed– I pull you a little closer
to whisper on your lips
almost nothing
(oh, that sweet fragile warmth of morning closeness)

part 1

a memory of you crept under my dreams earlier
stared intently
almost demanding I let go and
fall into some half-remembered story
beneath your pillow
and so I'm taken, lying next to you
we take a moment – we smile into each other's eyes
(a stolen hour, a perhaps-gift)

and then you're gone

(I don't know why, but this is how much you disarm me
like this, you disarm me)

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