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love's confusing joy

like a late summer sunset's gentle light
lands on the leaves of some birch
preparing for autumn

like a gull caresses the wind
and glides, not quite seriously towards
not quite somewhere

I want to hold you and touch you
let my fingers run across the skin of your naked back
feel your heart in my eyes and say

almost nothing
and slowly, vaguely, melt in that intense lack of words
that no song prepared me for

no poem offered to help me understand
how to untangle your loving eyes
from mine

oh how endless that moment will be
an ecstasy of soft sensations
the heart's subtle fireworks

and that little space between us
all the magic of the world is there
glimpsed at in those small hours of the evening

between an almost-kiss
and a half-whispered goodbye
that memory of tomorrow sits in my fragile words

as I try (oh, believe me I try!)
to figure out what this is all about
but I can't

all I know is I want to hold you
to hold you deep in my arms, and our moment
to be a metaphor for something more real

a poetry of life
danced in each other's hearts

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