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So many blind people wish they had eyes to see, and those who have eyes turn them away from the truth when it's inconvenient.



eas·i·er /ˈiziər/

Example in a sentence:

"Some times, it's easier to just close your eyes and your ears instead of taking part in a conversation."

Note: does not necessarilly imply that you will be alright with yourself. Or with others.


ha·tred /ˈheɪtrɪd/

2. Hatred is not the antonym of love. Love is to put other people above yourself. The opposite of love, therefore, is Egotism - putting yourself above the other person.


or·der /ˈɔrdər/

5. To be able to find what you want, when you want; is more relative and subjective than not. It is not necessarily related to aesthetic order, which concerns the appearance of things and not the essential order in them, which is more objective.

some things

Some things seem to be better if you don't analyse/examine them. Maybe, though, they're only better once you analyse them. You will never know unless you choose one of the two. All the problems end up in a choice. And it is better to choose something, even if it's wrong, than not to choose anything at all.

"A barefoot Brit told me he offers two kinds of live-savers, telling me to choose, and I replied: "Any one".

-"Don't say 'any one' because you won't get anything.

(30/03/66, Athens. Entry in some of my dad's notes)

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