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mystical sounds

Sound is so much more than we think we hear.

(Remembering Feldman's encounter with Varese, when the latter told the former "Keep in mind how long it's going to take from the moment the players play the music until the audience hears it".)

The power that discovering an ancient mystical knowledge has in changing someone can only be experience - and then it doesn't matter anymore, because you've changed into something that has lost interest in what effects discovering such a knowledge has on people.

(Remembering Scelsi.)

what if..

If a friend of yours said that a friend's friend is your friend's enemy's friend, would you trust yourself?

that attitude

I hate the attitude that some people have at concerts - that of going to see a most serious 'high-class' intellectual, emotional, and artistic experience, obliging to the power of formality, stripping music of its most obvious function: to sound itself.

How is it that in Western societies we've ended up placing ourselves above everything else so essential to us, above Nature, above Art, above Survival, that there has to be a relation of a slave and a Master, of better and worse, of more and less, instead of just seeing things as they are and just experience them?

Why do we have to be, instead of just letting be? (us and others)


"Don't teach me - convince me."

-Outi Tarkiainen

the art of disputing

[conversation between two guys at a bus-stop in Stratford, London]

"You are not talking to him, you're talking at him. That's what HE's doing, and he's ranting and ranting.. But let him run out of breath. Because he will, and when that happens, he has no-where to go. He's lost control. And when he's lost control, you get the control."


"Speech is the only way of realising what bullshit you just though, and thinking is the only way of realising what bullshit you were about to say."

"Speech under pressure is the realisation of all those you haven't been thinking about.
Composition under pressure is the realisation of all those you haven't been imagining about.

first chord

"What is that first chord going to sound like?"

restaurant "La Vie"

"Bonsoir, monsieur."
"Bonsoir. Une table pour un, s'il vou plaît."
"Je suis désolé - nous avons seulement tables pour deux."

"Alors, je vais m'asseoir içi. Est-ce que je peux avoir un menu, s'il vous plaît?"

"Bien sur, monsieur. Voila."

"Je voudrais numero trois, s'il vous plaît."

"Excellent, monsieur. Et comment voulez-vous votre vie?"
"Saignant - avec de la salade aussi, mais sans frîtes."

"Vous désirez autre chose, monsieur?"

"Une verre du vin, s'il vous plaît."

"Rouge ou blanc?"

"Tous les deux sont bien."

"Pas du vin, alors."

"Excellent. Alors, combien de temps ça va prendre?"

"Bientôt, monsieur."

"Bon. qu'est-ce que vous avez comme entrées?"
"Je suis désolé, mais nous n'avons pas des entrées."

"Hmm, et comme dessers?"

"Nous avons mort-de-vieillesse, douce revanche, accidents, guerre, et tiramisu."

"Alors, je vais prendre du vin, merçi."

"Rouge ou blanc?"

some other times

And some others, people can be incredibly stupid.

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