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temp·ta·tion /tɛmpˈteɪʃən/

1. The intellectual submission to a wish of satisfaction of a physical need, directly or indirectly.

2. The intellectual submission to a virtual need* to the cost of the real needs of other people and their priority with respect to the real needs that exist.

* virtual need: need which surpasses the basic physical or intellectual needs, or where such a need does not -in fact- exist (e.g. consumerism, shopping therapy etc). Usually, the more needs one person has, the less happy they are.

Note: Temptation and Egotism tend to a function, that of Egotistic Need (need for oneself) which is satisfied by submission to temptations, and from that satisfaction the human Ego is satisfied in turn.


chance /tʃæns, tʃɑns/ (noun)

3. That because of which, were the universe to be repeated exactly, things would be different.

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