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to touch

tangible -

what a nice word

to use

in a


my thoughts about this world
are nothing more than just

my thoughts


this world

my gift to you

take the ocean
and put it in a box

but don't tell me

and I'll know

that when you smell a rose
when you sip a bit of life's ember

you'll think of me

and I will always be there

a million hugs

in the sound

of the ocean

(when you wiggle that box

and forth)

do you believe in dreams?

who needs forever

when you have a moment

to be a sea

of sensations


to spend one more night

on earth

who needs to be in love

when there are endlessly different stars


in a poet's palm


unanswered letters

don't stop

life comes

from far beyond chrysanthemums

and november fog

and it's here -

are you?

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