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Similarity depends on the level of details you're looking at. Two human beings - they have the same number of limbs and outer shape. But maybe different hair colour, or maybe their DNA differs. The further down you go, the more difficult it is to find similarities and identical matches.

However, there comes a (bifurcation?) point, at which suddenly, what seems diametrically different, is eternally the same, for ever, and always, everywhere. Where all matter is energy, all subatomic particles are the same energy manifested in different forms, and where all is that same one thing.

Would there be a universe if there was no one to observe it?

a very awkward encounter

[closing doors]

-Oh, sorry!
-That's alright.

-I .. I think I've met you before.
-Yeah. Well, not 'met' you exactly.. But it was a day I was going back to China with my mom and aunts in Easter, many years ago.
-Oh.. wow..
-Do you remember me?
-I don't know.. maybe.. Maybe I was going back to Greece at the time. I must have still been a student, so I was going back and forth on Christmas and EAster.
-Yeah.. well...
-Well.. oh, that's my stop. Well, nice to see you again.. hopefully I'll see you in the future.
-Yeah.. see ya..

[closing doors]

what if.. (ii)

What if all citizens, instead of going to the army, were trained as policemen? What if they underwent such education and training that instilled in them a duty of justice and to protect, and the confidence (and skills to go with it) to tackle criminality?

Then, there would be no police, no established institutions set to serve the citizens; the police would would BE the citizens themselves, and given the nature of a non-established system, Law and Justice would emerge in the larger scale.

And what if all humans had access to everything they really needed, and had equal rights to education and health? And I don't just mean paper-rights, but actual, physical rights. And what if there was no money, no property, physical labour did not exist, and the world somehow operated in a different way? How likely would it be that criminality would be reduced to an infinitesimal amount of cases, most (if not all) of which would be related to treatable psychological or physiological conditions?

So why, instead of trying patch that 200-year old car that clearly doesn't work anymore (and probably never will), don't we just make a new car? It's not going to be easy, and it's going to take a lot of time and effort, but will it not be more beneficial for everyone?

"Και πρώτα απ'όλα τι εννοούμε λέγοντας παιδεία; Την πληροφορία, την τεχνική, το δίπλωμα εξειδίκευσης που εξασφαλίζει γάμο, αυτοκίνητο κι ακίνητο, με πληρωμή την πλήρη υποταγή του εξασφαλισθέντος ή την πνευματική και ψυχική διάπλαση ενός ελεύθερου ανθρώπου, με τεχνική αναθεώρησης κι ονειρικής δομής, με αγωνία απελευθέρωσης και με διαθέσεις μιας ιπτάμενης φυγής προς τ'άστρα;"

-Μάνος Χατζιδάκις

[translation: "And what do we mean when we say 'education'? Information, technical skills, the certificate of expertise, all of which guarantee a marriage, car and estate, in return for the total obedience of the individual? or the intellectual and psychical training of a free human being, accompanied with technical skills, a tendency to dream, an urge to strive for liberation, and with intentions to reach the stars?" - Manos Hadjidakis, a major figure in Greek music in the 20th century]

apres le g20

Protesters and policemen. Two very different systems which work similarly; one is established and one is emergent.

The good thing about the emergent system is that there is cause and reaction. Something is done only if it needs to be done, by everyone, for everyone. If something is good for one, it's good for everyone. If something is bad for one, it's bad for everyone. Everyone cares.

The bad thing in an established system is that things can be done just simply because someone wants it to be done. If something is bad for one, it's just that one.

Therefore, to live in an established democratic society is an illusion, when it's not out of need for a leader, but a seeking for profit that puts people in the government.

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