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returning form ireland

- Hey, how was Ireland?

- Ireland was beautiful.. but humanity is horrible.

- [looks a bit worried] Why, what happened?

- Can you promise me that you will never, ever sacrifice your humanity for anything, especially money? That little bit of humanity left in us, that bit of conscience, is the only thing that has yet to be eliminated from most people, although not everyone realises that because they're blinded by materials and pointless pieces of paper. But that little bit of humanity is the only thing that can make us realise the situation we've found ourselves in, and how we are Nature, we're not separated.

We may find ways to perpetuate our existence while destroying everything that's necessary to us, but it's not going to last forever. We are part of Nature, and by destroying it we are destroying ourselves. How far down the line do we have to go to realise the power that lies in us to save us?

- [looking very perplexed] Hey, you alright?

- Nothing's alright. We live in an illusion and we refuse waking up or opening our eyes because of some pieces of paper that someone once told us have value. What value is money when you can't breathe air? How is money going to fill up the ozone holes? How is money going to fill the hungry? What is going to save the world is energy, technology, and resources. We have to get rid of money and stand back, so we can see who we really are and what we can really be.

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