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last kiss

"The most important thing in life is Rhythm.

In music, in painting, in cooking, literature, architecture, in physics, mathematics, in kissing, sex, conversation, strokes, or in movies, swimming, cycling, waves, in light, in movements of planets, the universe.

So in this particular situation, it just so happened that the rhythm wasn't convenient. Here, therefore, comes the issue of Chance. Rhythm with Chance, thus, create synchronisations, or "coincidences". These are the most essential thing which determines a human's life, and not only.

I wish things were different, I wish I had more time with her, to be, to think things over. I don't regret, though, a single second I spent with her - for it wasn't something wrong; it was something right, just in the wrong time."

(entry from my diary, 18/08/2007)

ένα γλυκό φιλί
ένα χάδι τρυφερό
δυο λόγια σιωπής.

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